What are the differences between the V1 CL, V3 TL, V5 PL and V6 EL slicers?

The main differences between the V1, V3 and V6 slicers and the newer V5 slicer are in the design and range of functions.

The V3 with its two inserts, the slice insert and the safety insert, offers six different cutting types: extra thin, thin, medium and thick slices. Many of our customers know this cutting technique from our older models such as the V1 and the predecessor model of the V3. Due to the familiar handling, they are happy to choose the V3.

The V5 includes 2 inserts and a safety insert  that also serves as a child safety device. It can be used to cut slices of four different thicknesses as well as coarse and thin strips. All in all, 10 different cutting results are possible, which can be expanded by purchasing the 10mm insert, which is available separately.

Unlike the V5, the V6 does not have the option of adjusting the inserts. It has the same functions as the V3, only it impresses with its elegant stainless steel look. The high quality stainless steel makes it particularly useful in professional kitchens due to its enormous durability.