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UGS : ZK72008


Your meal still needs an extra kick? Then give your meal that certain something with the Borner garlic press. Mr Garlic helps when you need him!

Garlic is known for its deliciously spicy taste und this is exactly why it is ideal for cooking. A little garlic abrasion transforms every meal into an absolute treat. To process the garlic clove almost odorless, you should use this practical garlic press. Not only does it catch the garlic, but you can also peel it directly with the included garlic peeler. Thus we not only ensure a healthy diet with our garlic press, but we also ensure that no boredom arises in the kitchen. Grab some garlic because it is known for its beneficial effects on the heart and gut.

You will not only receive a high-quality garlic press but also a practical garlic peeler made of silicon. You can use it to peel your garlic cloves in a quick and efficient manner. Place the garlic clove in the rubber ring, roll it and the peel will be peeled off. Then you can put the garlic clove in the opening of the press, turn it and you will get fine rasps, with which you can prepare and refine delicious dishes. The abrasion is caught in a container underneath the press. The set also includes a lid which can be used to keep the garlic fresh for longer.

With the garlic press Mr Garlic you can prepare your garlic almost odorlessly, crush it and store it.

Convince yourself of the best Borner Quality. Borner is simple. quick. healthy.


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