Blade insert 3,5mm for Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine




Just cutting slices is too boring for you? Use the V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine blade insert 3.5 mm. Simply replace the current insert of your slicer with this Blade Insert and cut fine julienne strips. If you cut the fruit or vegetables several times across the direction of the slicer, you will get cubes.

In addition, delicious vegetable noodles can be prepared with this in no time – be it from courgettes or carrots – there are no limits.

If you want even finer cuts, take a look at the 1.6mm Blade Insert. All materials used are food safe and free from bisphenol A (BPA), as well as plasticisers.

Please note whether the accessories are suitable for your slicer!

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