Vitaminsafe Börner

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Vitaminsafe Börner

Prepare and serve fresh fruits and vegetables, quickly and easily with VitaminSafe Borner product innovation.

The set consists of a transparent bowl with a special lid for tight closure, a strainer and the application tray for all Borner PowerLine cutters and grater that allows the effective cutting of fruits and vegetables directly into the bowl

The lid creates a protected atmosphere and keeps the food, fresh, for much longer.

For a healthy diet every day! This innovative product must be present in every kitchen.

The uniqueness of this new system:

The new application tray is tailored exactly to the dimensions of the renowned range of kitchen tools, Borner PowerLine. Cut fresh ingredients into slices, strips and cubes of different thicknesses directly in the bowl with the Borner V5 cutter.

This durable invention can be customized to ensure easy and safe cutting with the following Borner products:

  • Borner Roko Powerline
  • Borner PowerLine Wave-Waffle Powerline
  • Borner PowerLine Wave-Waffle XXL Powerline
  • Borner Grater PowerLine Powerline
  • Borner Rosti Powerline

The practical and sturdy bowl is made of transparent plastic, to facilitate the preparation of food, but can also be used for serving. Its transparency and well-designed lines give the bowl a refined image, so that it can stand well at your best table.

Store peeled fruits, chopped vegetables or leftovers in this handy Vitaminsafe bowl.

Just let the air out of the bowl by pressing the center part of the lid, which is equipped with a silicone ring and a valve, and create an atmosphere of vacuum. In this way, vitamins and minerals are protected, salads are crispy and fruits are juicy, and food in general does not lose its freshness and does not dry out.

A storage option to save vitamins and for more freshness in your kitchen.


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