Borner V5 PowerLine – the multifunctional vegetable slicer for precise cutting

The latest addition to our vegetable slicers makes cutting fruit and vegetables a special experience. You not only work faster, but also more precisely thanks to the height-adjustable inserts. The Basic set of the V5 PowerLine slicer offers four cutting thicknesses. Those who also like to cut julienne strips, sticks and cubes from raw vegetables will enjoy the Starter or Pro set.

With 4 different slice thicknesses, 4 different stick thicknesses and 2 different cube thicknesses, the V5 is the most versatile of our vegetable slicers.

If you have decided on the Basic Set and now realise that you would like to process your fruit and vegetables in other ways, you will find the right accessories for your V5 vegetable slicer here.

What else makes the V5 so special? With a 90° rotation of the cut material, it allows you to cut perfect cubes without cutting in first. If you want to cut very fine slices for dishes such as tomato carpaccio, you should opt for the V5 vegetable slicer, because with the smallest setting it allows you to cut slices down to 1.2mm.”