The manual juicer for fresh and vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable juices

Not all juices are the same! The shelf in the supermarket is long, but good healthy juices are rarely found. With the Borner juicer, you can prepare tasty and vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable juices yourself manually, in no time and without any additives!

The fruit juice chambers are no longer pressed but instead cut open by fine teeth on the crown of the juicer. The fruit juice runs as if by itself into collecting containers and only the peel remains. Be it oranges, grapes, kiwis, or even pomegranates, you can juice them quickly and effortlessly with our manual juicer. This way you can simply drink your daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients! ⠀

PS: the manual juicer is also perfect for delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. Become the best host ever!