The practical garlic press

Garlic is a real miracle ingredient, it is healthy, strengthens our immune system and gives every meal the perfect taste. But unfortunately, there is that annoying smell that sticks to your fingers after peeling the garlic cloves. We have the perfect solution – with the Borner garlic press – Mr Garlic, your hands will always remain odour-free!

The garlic press also includes a practical silicone garlic peeler. With this, you can quickly and efficiently remove the peel from the garlic cloves. To do this, place the garlic clove in the rubber ring, roll it and the peel comes off. Then you can place the garlic clove in the opening of the press, turn it and you will get fine graters with which you can prepare and refine delicious dishes.

The abrasion of the garlic clove is collected in a container. The set also includes a lid that you can put on to keep the garlic fresh for longer.

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