The compact multi dicer – small but mighty!

Our Multi Dicer is perfect for working quickly and making cubes and julienne strips! Thanks to its compact design, the manual Multi Dlicer is always ready to hand. Conjure up delicious vegetable pans and salads this way!

Thanks to the Food Holder, you can feel exactly when you have turned your holder by 90°. This allows you to cut cubes of the same width and length. Dicing courgettes, carrots and onions is child’s play. The finger guard with integrated holder ensures safety when cutting even the smallest vegetables and fruit. The guiding device can simply be clamped to the Multi Dicer and moves with it when cutting. The Food Holder fits perfectly on this device.

The notch in the Food Holder also allows you to cut elongated vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots lengthwise. Due to its compact size, the Multi Dlicer is particularly suitable for people with small kitchens and even fits in hand luggage. In addition, the handle of the Multi Dlicer is removable and also fits on the Multi Dicer and Multi Peeler attachments. With just one click, you can quickly change the cutting method.